January 21 2016 – Williams – Journalism

How do we know whats going on?

  1. Get yourself better informed- stop watching cat videos
  2. Today is the GOLDEN AGE of Journalism.
  3. Spend more details on GRAMMAR!

-Oldies are finding business- NEW things have become

-We should be informed citizens!

-Making websites and filling them with STORIES!

THINK Progress- New Opportunities

Story time- Write. Have visuals. Tell a story.

  1. Read good Journalism
  2. Consider being journal
  3. Have good Grammar
  4. Sweep the Earth

Opportunities are GROWING.

  • Authentic
  • Be bold not Baring
  • Share the world
  • Use the Tools Appropriately
  • SWEEP THE EARTH- share through Social Media

-Today’s class completely consisted of the importance of Journalism. Everyone, in one way or another, is using technology. It’s a matter of fact that that is how we view things from day to day. We click the share button and immediately EVERYONE knows about it.


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