Reflection on Lesson 3

I know I am only at the beginning of SPED class, but I still feel like I learned A LOT this week.

FIRST: I have never truly treasured  how great America is. The Founding Fathers weren’t kidding when they said “We the People” because in all reality, all of our laws today are contributed towards THE PEOPLE. Or in one way or another has some representation towards the benefit of the people. I have never really appreciated the fact that people take time for other people. It definitely goes back to Lesson 2, when we talk about “The Golden Rule”. In order to be treated the way you would like, then treat everyone else in that matter. In my opinion, it should seriously be a World Motto that everyone follows

SECOND: Did you know there were A TON of laws and acts about allowing children with special needs or disabilities to have education? Well there are. And I think it is absolutely amazing that they would make such accommodations towards those who need a little extra help.

THIRD: I did my first couple of simulations this week, just because my husband and I were in and out of stores, I figured I had some great opportunities.  As I reflect upon them, all I have to say is WOW. Before I explain any of them, I just want to reflect about them all as a whole. And before I do a little reflection, I just want everyone to know that in no way do I mean to offend anyone; this is simply my experience and how I felt in the moment. Now, I don’t blame any of the people I “experimented” on, but I simply wish there were more kind, patient, and loving people in the world. As I was in the moment, I felt so stupid and that I couldn’t carry on. I almost felt a glimpse of anxiety, because in one scenario all eyes were on me. As I reflect back to them, I wonder to myself if I am kind and patient as I think I am. I tried to resemble a Fluency Disorder of stuttering and a “kind” of Learning Disability that required me to not say words that had /l/ or /n/ in them. I will tell you what, those people that have disabilities are very VERY blessed people.

Fluency Disorder of Stuttering: The story begins while we were in Porters looking for a picture wire. We searched and searched and then we ran into an Employee. Now I had told my husband previously what I was going to do and that I was to ask the question. So when the lady had asked if we needed any help I froze, looked and my husband and legitimately stuttered yes. After I told her what we needed, and asked a couple of questions, my first thought was, “Shoot. It is inside us all.” And then I became a little infuriated. Because I realized that the whole time I was trying to say something, she didn’t ever let me finish my sentences! And then it hit me. Have I let people finish their sentences when they stuttered? I don’t remember. It was definitely an experienced that left bitter taste with a new light. A realization that maybe I should be more aware of the struggles others go through.

Learning Disability: While checking out at Walmart, ask a question about your order Without using words that have /l/ and /n/ letters in them. This one was a big tricky. It really really made me think about what I was saying. While I was at Walmart I had grabbed some frozen fruit and thing of toilet paper and no cart. So my hands were very full. As I am casually walking to the front of the store to pay for my things, an employee asked me if I wanted a cart or basket or something (I honestly can’t remember), and I didn’t yet thought about what I was going to say if an employee asked me that! I was going to ask them a question. So I did the most natural thing, I froze. Thought about what he said, thought about what I could say and then opened my mouth and I started stuttering. In the back of my mind I was screaming, NO this isn’t the stuttering one!! Then I turned around, ran into someone, and dropped all my things. Everyone around me had gone quiet and I was suddenly very aware of how those who have learning disabilities feel. ANXIETY. “They asked me a question. What should I answer. They are staring at me. Should I say something?” Yeah. When I finally got to the cashier I couldn’t even remember the question I was going to ask. And in all honesty I was so shook up about dropping all my things, that I just started rambling to her about what was going on, talking really slow and trying not to say any words that had the letters /l/ or /n/ in them. One of the hardest things I have ever done. But the thing is, the cashier lady was so nice. She listened to every word and pause I had to say, even when she was done with my order and began the next. a very tragic experience that turned out for the better. Almost like the Fluency Disorder simulation, I felt a bitter taste and a new light had hit my soul. I had a greater appreciation for those who are patient and aspire to become more patient towards those who can’t talk or think as fast.

I am reminded of the quote by Dr. Seuss- “A person is a person, no matter how small”. Because of these few things that I had experienced and learned this week. I know that I will be more aware of who is around me. Like I said earlier, disabilities are inside us all- let that be a reminder that we should all be more patient with each other, because we never know what exactly we are all facing.

Lesson 3 was filled with experience that I will never forget. Overall, I am excited to learn more behind the “Special Education”- It is interesting to learn about and discover. We are learning about incredible people and how to teach them and that’s exciting. More is to come from Lesson 4 next week!


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