Reflection on Lesson 4

This week we really focused on learning about [IEP] Individualized Education Program. It is a developed plan to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary school or secondary institution receives specialized instruction or related services. A lot of times parents are hesitant to go through with IEP, because in the meeting they are analyzing the proper way to educate their child. They talk about the data they have collected, observation, and even the parents suggest things that would help the teachers. The purpose of the meeting is determine the right goals that can be measured to ensure that their child will get the education they need to succeed. Once parents realize that their child is going to receive the care they suggest, then all the stress goes away. I personally think it sounds like a great program where they discuss and plan to meet the needs of the students. It is exactly what we need.

Along with learning about IEP, as a group we did a little role playing to really grasp an understanding of what parents go through. Our case study was about a boy who was paralyzed. His parents fought the school to provide a nurse to aid him everyday. Although the school wanted to help, they felt like they couldn’t because that was a lot of lilability. In the end, the Hearing officer determined that because of the Zero Reject [if children have extraordinary needs, the school district is obligated to find a way to appropriately educate them] the school district must abide by the law. They do not have to pay for his medial costs, but in order to continue having him enrolled in school, they must provide the services.

It was an interesting activity that we all had to come to a mutual understanding of how the legal system works in each individual case. To be honest, it wasn’t easy, but in the end we learned that in each case the School District must abide by the parents and the students needs. IT IS THE LAW.

The fact that we are trying so hard to accomplish goals to meet the needs of  students with disabilities is amazing! I never thought that so many laws would help the progression of so many who need it. Next week awaits Lesson 5!


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