Lesson 5 Reflection

This week was a little different than most. I feel like we are at that point in the semester where we have a routine and we know what is expected. Based off of that, I have also realized that no matter how you put it, we live in a day where Special Education has specific laws spelled out to ensure that EVERYONE gets the education they deserve. We should seriously be so grateful that we all live in today’s world. As complicated as it all seems, it could’ve been much worse.

As we were going though the vocabulary, I found some words that I was unfamiliar with. As I dug a little deeper, I realized that what I was unfamiliar with was the laws in and of themselves. With that, I even learned more about the legal aspect of Special Education. For example, the 504 law- Which simply states that there is no discrimination based upon disability AND it doesn’t just apply to those who are in special education- it applies to EVERYONE. I didn’t put that together until now.

In all reality there wasn’t a ton a new information, rather a lot of review and studying, which is good too. Sometimes you miss things the first time you read about them. It was good to become familiar with the things I missed the first time.

This is also the week we have our fist exam. Yay. Its all about law and everything we have learned in the last four weeks. I’m sure next week will be filled with more exciting things!


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