Reflection on Week 6

I can’t believe how different each lesson is. Last week we spent time discovering the laws and testing our knowledge. This week we became more familiar with collaboration, the needed skills to help out, and parent participation and how important it is.

Collaboration is more than just how you communicate; it is based off of how you work with each other. Who knew that there were so many different ways that teachers collaborate to discuss the needs of their students. They want every student to succeed and with that they expect to share their responsibilities, decisions, and even resources. It is all about trust and respect where contribution is equally shared among them all. One of the most important things is goal making; I feel like they wouldn’t get very far if they didn’t make goals. All their hard work would be lost to no motivation. With that, they each do something that contributes to the goal and that is collaboration.

After reading about IEP meetings and how collaboration is distributed, I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for those who are involved in a collaboration. The process may appear easy, but it is deep and requires a lot of motivation and effort. Not only that, but the ending results are worth it all. It is a big part of teaching, which really goes out to ensure that students will get what they need.

The case study was the last thing I did this week and it was interesting to be “part” of a collaboration meeting. The study was about a student who didn’t necessarily have a lot of disabilities, but he struggled with writing and reading. To be all technical that is considered a learning disability. Just reading it, you can see the concern the parents teachers have. They want to help him achieve and yet, they have to be patient because this kind of goal is one that is long term. It takes a lot of observation and extra planning to ensure that that one student would get exactly what he needs by the time he moves onto a higher grade level. There is a lot of dedication that goes into this kind of planning to ensure that the student will get what he needs. It really goes stands out to me that no matter what a student is struggling with, they are able to receive the help that they are in need of.

Overall, no matter what, working together is essential in life. It is something that we need to depend on and it is something that we can depend on.


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