Reflection on Week 7

This week was full of adventure for me. Some of my husbands family lives in California, so we here we are for a family reunion. With getting to know new people, playing hard, and getting lots of sun I have been tying to working on my classes and stay caught up in my classes. Trust me, it hasn’t been easy, but it is getting done- which is a fabulous thing.

With SPED 310 this week, it has been all about assessments and hearing impairments. The assessments that we are talking about are the ones that are given to determine if a students is in need of special education. With that, they are continually assessed for their progress. This section was fairly new to me, I had heard of these kinds of assessments, but I didn’t realize how extensive the process really was. They are always in a process of making sure the student is getting what they need.

I keep thinking about the future and as I become an educator. We have to be aware of these things so that we can help our students with what they need. It is our duty and our obligation to make sure that they learn. The fact that we as teachers need to be mindful of our students shows that we have dedication towards our students. Assessments will never go away, and that’s okay. We are to look back on them and discover that all of our students are the beginning of a genius.


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