lesson ten.

This week had some interesting content- It was all about differentiating instruction or making accommodations towards those that need just a little extra help. I think it is one of the coolest things that we can do for our students. As teachers we need to learn to make those accommodations to ensure that everyone is getting what they need. AND with that, those that can’t reach the bar we can easily give them a step stool to help them stand a little taller. Even though we are only using hypothetical situations, I think we are still making progress towards those students. It really gives us good perspective and practice of what we would do in those situations.

Going along with that, as teachers we need to keep in mind that sometimes it may not always appear “fair” to each student. That is when it is our job to give them perspective on the situation to be more willing to help those that stand in need. In my Development for Cognition class, we talked about team work and how that can be a good motivation for all the students to help one another to accomplish a class goal. Of course this would entirely depend on the grade level, but either way, students will be able to see that together they can accomplish a lot.

Overall, the biggest thing that stood out to me was that Education can be made for all. Let us NEVER forget that accommodations were made to accomplish what seems like the impossible. I realize that when we are out there acting as real teachers, it may not be this easy. But the moment that we realize that there needs to be a change in the classroom to affect not just one student, but to affect all of their lives. We may not be that one “special” teacher, but our students will think we are pretty important in their lives. After all, we are making it possible for all of them to learn together rather than individually. Education is a team effort, let us make it a goal to remind our future students of that.


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