Lesson 11 Reflection

This week was all about teaching our students to become more independent. There are so many different strategies that teachers can teach their students to become better learners. They can make so many accommodations to meet the needs of their students and they can even learn and grow from the differentiation made while accommodating their students. The thing that really stood out to me was making them independent students. I think that by teaching them those different strategies helps them get to where they need to be. In the younger grades, they need to see that the teacher isn’t always going to do it for them, but there will always be help.

In another class, we talked about the different temperaments each child has and how even though there are major differences between each one, they are all important. They are all here to learn whether they are smart as a whip or have some kind of disability that requires extra attention or accommodations in the class. And it made me think of a quote from The Help series. I know that we will all have struggles with our students in the future, and we can always remind them of this quote. Because I believe in the positive outlook and the power of it.

Image result for The help quotes

I completed a couple more of my simulations this week. The first one was my Visual Impairment. I realized that it would be difficult to do this one, but I didn’t realize just how hard. I wear contacts, so when they are out I literally have to have things right in front of my face to see them clearly, so I was expecting something like that- I was used to that sort of thing. But his was different. I felt claustrophobic, because I felt like I was in my own space, it was like my peripheral vision was gone.  Not only that, but I felt like I couldn’t accomplish any of my in class assignments or group work. After about an hour, I had gotten a really bad headache and had to really rely on my hearing. And if I did try to focus on something, it could only be through one eye hole. And I felt like I couldn’t even see as far as my contacts would allow. It was frustrating and I wanted to take it off. Also, I felt like my depth perception was way off and when I went to open a door I had the hardest time touching the handle to open it. I felt so silly. At one point, I tried to do my homework while waiting for another class, but I couldn’t focus on my computer, nor my textbooks. So I sat there, not even looking at my phone because I had a headache and felt like I couldn’t do anything. Over all, even though I have bad eye sight, I felt like it was nothing compared to what I experiences without my contacts. It made me feel blessed that I have contacts to correct my vision and that I don’t have to deal with more than that as I do my daily activities.

This next simulation is the last one in the Learning Disability and the last one I had to do. So it all stared on date night with my husband. There is a fairly new restaurant in town called Fresco’s. It is an Italian restaurant so some of the things on the menu were a little weird. There was this one item that sounded like it was pasta, but I wanted to ask just in case. As I was asking I had to really think about what I was going to say because it is not easy to say sentences that don’t have words in them that include /l/ or /n/ letters. For the first question it literally took me 30- 40 seconds to actually ask it. And the waitress was so patient and simply answered my question. Oh I almost forgot! When she wanted to know what we were drinking my husband said he wanted a lemonade. I wanted one too, but it had the /l/ letter in the word! So I said “Same but strawberry with…” I wanted a lime in my strawberry lemonade! Do you know how hard it is so say lime with out using the letter /l/? Instead I pinched my fingers together while stretching out with and finally I blurted out “CITRUS! I… Same with Citrus”. Like I said, the lady was so patient and repeated it back to me “You want a Strawberry Lemonade with a lime?” YES. It was a struggle to say food words without /l/ or /n/. I had no idea. It really makes me grateful I have the ability to say words automatically. Not only that, but I am grateful that there was a patient lady who listen to me try and ask a question.



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