Lesson 12 Reflection

This week I took the final exam. Which basically means that this class is almost over. It is a bitter sweet moment. I have actually enjoyed learning about how to better others learning by simply learning myself. But it is also time for a change.

I learned that we have barely skimmed the surface of the really deep stuff. I feel as if the terms we learn, like IDEA and INCLUDE only give us a brief description of what really goes on. It was really interesting to learn that accommodations can be applied to any situation or any student. I think that is the beauty of education- it can be for anyone and everyone who wants it and needs it. There are so many different ways to help our students succeed. I remember someone said, “Teaching isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it.” To me that makes me feel like hard work does pay off. Hard work exists if you put your whole soul into something that matters to you. I realize that teaching will be hard, and at the same time it will be so rewarding to see you students succeed. It will be a happy moment for us all.

This week is short and sweet just like this class. But that’s what we all expected towards the end of the semester anyway. Until next time.


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