Lesson 13 Reflection

This week was short and yet full of so much information. We learned all about student behaviors. Good and bad.

We learn that when we have a plan (they call them Behavior Intervention Plans) we are teaching our students to recognize what a good behavior is. The whole point of a Behavior plan is for them to become more dependent. On the teachers end, we are to provide resources to encourage our students to grow and develop a healthy behavior. Although, we need to make sure the resource isn’t too “easy” nor too “hard”. We want to encourage the desired behavior not the other way around.

I think that if we give them the responsibility, then they can choose what they their consequence. Consequence is a neutral word that can go with both positive and negative behaviors. The book tells us that if we are to encourage such great behavior, we are to include Self- monitoring and Self- reinforcement strategies. This allows for students to have a foundation to grow and develop from.

As we continue to give our students strategies, they will continue to succeed.


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