Student Practicum                                                                                             January – April 2017

BYU-Idaho class                                                                                                        Burton Elementary 

  • Working with a second grade teacher, I had the opportunity to teach within small groups and whole groups.
  • During the class, I made many lesson plans for future teaching opportunities.


Abroad Volunteer Work                                                                                       Aug – Dec 2015

Teaching English                                                                                                          Pachuca Mexico

  • Through ILP, they provided an opportunity to be involved and enriching the lives of children while teaching them English [ilp.org]


Volunteer Work                                                                                                          August 2014

Badger Creek                                                                                                                  Island Park, ID

  • Teaching assistant/ Working with kids- I was in charge of making up activities while their parents worked on a scouting events during the day.


Nanny                                                                                                                            Summer 2012

                                                                                                                                             Rigby, ID

  • I was responsible for two young children and assisting their everyday needs of daily life. Not only responsible for the caring of the children, but I also had limited household chores as well.


Cross-Age- Tutor                                                                                          Sept 2012- May 2013

High School class                                                                                                           Rigby, ID

  • Daily class that required students to be assigned to an Elementary teacher, and tutor the children in a class room setting.


Senior Patrol leader                                                                                         Summer 2010-2013

Krupp Scout Hollow                                                                                                      Rigby, ID

  • Teaching leader- helping young boys achieve requirements in an outdoor setting.


Volunteer Work                                                                                                        Summer 2009

Krupp Scout Hollow                                                                                                        Rigby, ID

  • Teaching assistant to Senior patrol leader. I helped young boys achieve their goals for the Boy Scouts of America.